Poster Clinic by EMBO Press

Poster Clinic by EMBO Press Awardees

EMBO Award

Poster No.:
3PC-06 (1P-702)
Presentation Title:
Extracellular fluid osmolality gates nociceptive escape behaviors in Drosophila larvae
Yuma Tsukasa (Grad. Sch. of Biostudies, Kyoto Univ.)

MBSJ2023 Award

Poster No.:
2PC-03 (1P-271)
Presentation Title:
Targeted protein degradation with a single-chain antibody-based AID2 system
Moutushi Islam (Dept. of Chromosome Sci., National Institute of Genetics, Japan, Graduate Institute for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI)

Dr. Bernd Pulverer (Head, EMBO Scientific Publications), who has been serving as the chief editor for several leading scientific journals for over 20 years, will be hosting a poster clinic at the MBSJ2023! For participants wishing to submit their papers to top journals, this will be an excellent opportunity to take an objective view of your research and make further improvement. We are calling for applications from poster presenters who would like to discuss their poster with Dr. Pulverer. 16~20 participants (8~10 people per day x 2 days) will be selected. The poster clinic will consist of a short oral presentation in a small group setting followed by questions and suggestions from other participants and Dr. Pulverer.
We look forward to your applications!

Date & Time:
December 7 (Thu) 18:30 ~ 20:00
December 8 (Fri) 18:30 ~ 20:00
Kobe International Conference Center, 1F, Foyer
*Online participation will not be accepted.
Application Deadline:
October 16 (Mon) Noon, JST

* If there are too many applicants, we will select the eligible posters.

* Each participant will have about 5 minutes to explain their poster in turn, followed by 5 minutes discussion (10 minutes in total). Please be prepared to briefly explain your poster in English.