The 22nd Annual Meeting of the Protein Science Society of Japan


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Special Lecture

Structural Biology Response to Biomedical Threats

June 8 (Wed) 9:00-10:00 (tentative)

Wladek Minor (Department of Physiology and Biological Physics University of Virginia)

Chair: Chavas Leonard Michel Gabriel Henri (Nagoya University)


Let's talk about the future![ Session Language: Japanese ]

June 7 (Tue)  9:15 - 11:45 (tentative)
Organizers: Toshiya Senda (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)

In recent years, a large amount of genomic information has been generated, and OMICS analyses have enabled a comprehensive understanding of cellular status. These rapid changes in life science affect the field of protein science, and it is important to consider what we should do in the future based on the current research situation. We have, therefore, decided to invite leading young researchers to discuss the future of protein science freely. Let's talk about the future and enjoy science!

Speakers: Hideaki Kato (Univ. of Tokyo)
Koh Takeuchi (Univ. of Tokyo)
Wataru Iwasaki (Univ. of Tokyo)
Takahiro Kosugi (Inst. Molecular Science)

Basic Lecture of Protein Science

Basics of spectroscopy for protein researches at AlphaFold era[ Session Language: Japanese ]

June 8 (Wed)  10:10 - 12:00 (tentative)
Organizers: Susumu Uchiyama (Osaka Univ.)
Masahiko Kato (Sysmex Corporation)

Spectroscopic instruments are useful tool for routine protein characterizations by professional researchers and students, however understanding their principles and limitations are essential for innovative research as well as avoiding falling into pitfall. In this session, we will relearn the basics of "spectroscopy" to promote the deep understandings of advanced research.

Speakers: Satoshi Takahashi (Tohoku Univ.)
Chojiro Kojima (Yokohama National Univ.)
Yasuhisa Mizutani (Osaka Univ.)
Satoko Suzuki (JASCO Corp.)


Speakers, Outline Click Here

Day 1  June 7 (Tue)

16:10 - 18:40 (tentative)[ Session Language: Japanese ]

New trends of protein science in multimolecular crowding Biosystems Japan Proteome Society and Protein Science Society Japan Joint Session
Organizers: Susumu Uchiyama (Osaka Univ.)
Hidetaka Kosako (Tokushima Univ.)

16:10 - 18:40 (tentative)[ Session Language: Japanese ]

Molecular engine engineering: Novel functions realized by fiddling around protein molecular machines
Organizers: Takeshi Murata (Chiba Univ.)
Ryota Iino (Institute for Molecular Science)

16:10 - 18:40 (tentative)[ Session Language: Japanese ]

Computational protein science in supercomputer Fugaku era
Organizers: Mitsunori Ikeguchi (Yokohama City Univ.)
Takefumi Yamashita (The Univ. of Tokyo)

Day 2  June 8 (Wed)

16:20 - 18:50 (tentative)[ Session Language: Japanese ]

Innovative technologies to elucidate the function and dynamics of biomolecules
Organizers: Keiko Shinoda (The Univ. of Tokyo)
Takeshi Murakawa (Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical Univ.)

16:20 - 18:50 (tentative)[ Session Language: Japanese ]

Observing protein structures in cells
Organizers: Masahide Kikkawa (The Univ. of Tokyo)
Kenji Inaba (Tohoku Univ.)

16:20 - 18:50 (tentative)[ Session Language: Japanese ]

Unraveling life by kinetics
Organizers: Tomohide Saio (Tokushima Univ.)
Masaki Okumura (Tohoku Univ.)

Day 3  June 9 (Thu)

8:45 - 11:15 (tentative)[ Session Language: Japanese ]

Molecular simulations in the era of AlphaFold
Organizers: Song-Ho Chong (RIKEN)
Hiraku Oshima (RIKEN)

8:45 - 11:15 (tentative)[ Session Language: Japanese ]

Frontline of interdisciplinary research on "Biometal Science"
Organizers: Yoshiaki Furukawa (Keio Univ.)
Taiho Kambe (Kyoto Univ.)

8:45 - 11:15 (tentative)[ Session Language: Japanese ]

Multifaceted protein world - from translation to liquid-liquid phase separation
Organizers: Hideki Taguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

8:45 - 11:15 (tentative)[ Session Language: Japanese ]

Toward intra-cellular protein science
Organizers: Yohei Miyanoiri (Osaka Univ.)
Koh Takeuchi (The Univ. of Tokyo)

13:50 - 16:20 (tentative)[ Session Language: Japanese ]

Study of megadalton-scale molecular dynamics aiming to establish "structural life system science"
Organizers: Kayo Nozawa (The Univ. of Tokyo)
Yutetsu Kuuma (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, X-Star)

13:50 - 16:20 (tentative)[ Session Language: Japanese ]

Be fastidious about the methodolgy and master cryo-electron microscopy!
Organizers: Toshio Moriya (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)
Takeshi Yokoyama (Tohoku Univ.)

13:50 - 16:20 (tentative)[ Session Language: Japanese ]

Self-condensation of intrinsically disordered proteins driven by dynamic solution environments
Organizers: Naotaka Sekiyama (Kyoto Univ.)
Kenji Sugase (Kyoto Univ.)