Call for Abstracts

Submission Deadline: April 10(Sun), 2022

*Please note that the deadline will not be extended.

Abstract submission is accepted via the online system of “UMIN”.
Browsers supported by UMIN are the latest version of the followings.

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【The link to the abstract submission page is placed at the bottom of this page.】


  • When submitting abstracts from abroad, the first author (or presenter) does NOT need to be a JSME member.
    However, for submitting abstracts from within Japan, the first author (or presenter) is required to have JSME individual membership except for students and residents.


  • Please refer to the eligibility for the “Awards for Academic Excellence” to apply for the awards.
  • Up to 2 abstracts will be accepted per person to submit as the first author, including one to apply for the award.
  • We will do our best to avoid duplication of presentation slots, but it may be difficult to adjustment due to the limited meeting period and number of venues. If you are delivering a presentation for a workshop/symposium, please keep this in mind.

Type of Presentation

1. Oral (Applying for “Awards for Academic Excellence”)
2. Oral
3. Poster

* Please note that we may not be able to meet your request for type of presentation.

Category for Presenter of Free Paper

01. Individual Member (OTHER THAN Undergraduate/Graduate Student, Resident Physician)
02. Undergraduate Student
03. Others (Graduate Student, Resident Physician, etc.)

Abstract Categories

Job Category

I. Medical education
II. Dental education
III. Nursing education
IV. Others or miscellaneous

Learner Category

A. Entrance examination, cooperation between high schools and universities
B. Undergraduate education: liberal arts, basic medicine and social medicine
C. Undergraduate education: clinical medicine
D. Junior residency training
E. Senior residency and specialty training
F. Graduate school education and researcher development
G. Continuing medical education and career education
H. Others or miscellaneous


1-1. Curriculum development and curriculum evaluation
2-1. Learning/ Knowledge, clinical reasoning
2-2. Learning/ Active learning
2-3. Learning/ Clinical skills, simulation
2-4. Learning/ Communication, interpersonal relations
2-5. Learning/ Team work, inter-professional collaboration
2-6. Learning/ Patient safety
2-7. Learning/ Professionalism, ethics, lifelong learning
2-8. Learning/ Community, internationalization
2-9. Learning/ Research, academic knowledge
2-10. Learning/ Information and communication technology, artificial intelligence, information utilization
2-11. Learning/ Online learning
2-12. Learning/ Integrative medicine
2-13. Learning/ Others
3-1. Learner assessment/ Admission and selection
3-2. Learner assessment/ Objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE), simulation evaluation
3-3. Learner assessment/ Evaluation in clinical practice and training
3-4. Learner assessment/ National examination, medical expert certification, qualification examination
3-5. Learner assessment/ Others
4-1. Learner support/ Academic support
4-2. Learner support/ Career planning, work-life balance
4-3. Learner support/ Mentoring, coaching
4-4. Learner support/ Others
5-1. Instructor training and evaluation/ Faculty development, staff development
5-2. Instructor training and evaluation/ Simulated patient, standardized patient
5-3. Instructor training and evaluation/ Others
6. Others


Please enter up to three keywords for your abstract. *Optional

Notes on Abstract Submission

Please note that an abstract exceeding the character limit below cannot be accepted.

  • Abstract Title: 100 characters
  • Abstract Body: 1800 characters
  • Tags such as <SUP>/</SUP> are not counted in the number of characters.
  • Figures and tables cannot be registered.
  • Submitted abstracts will be printed as it is, so it is the responsibility of the submitter to create it correctly.
  • To avoid garbling and deformation, please follow the instructions on the submission page regarding special characters, symbols, and brackets.
  • Line breaks are limited to three times due to limited space on the paper.

Abstract Submission Page

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