Science Pitch

2022 MBSJ Science Pitch Award

Scoring criteria (50 marks in total)

Project criteria (10 marks each)

  • Effective delivery of main question and aim of the project
  • Clarity of the data and text
  • Novelty and potential impact of the project

Presentation criteria (10 marks each)

  • The logic of the presentation (‘the storyline’) is clearly explained with easy language.
  • Enthusiasm and passion

The MBSJ2022 Science Pitch Award will be given to the top 60 presenters based on the score.

8 EMBO awards will be selected from the top 20 presenters selected by the MBSJ committee in the first round of evaluation. EMBO selection committee would ensure that the awards are balanced in (1) research disciplines, (2) affiliation, (3) gender, and (4) position (graduate students and postdocs).

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