How to reserve tickets for Biophysics seminar (Seminar with complimentary lunch box (Bento))

If you would like to participate in Biophysics seminars, please receive tickets by the following ways and exchange the ticket for complimentary lunch box at each seminar room.
The number of tickets is limited for each seminar.
Advance reservation for other seminars held around the same time is also available.

Menu for complimentary lunch box (Bento) varies each day.
*Menu might be slightly changed from ones in the picture above with the seasons and ingredients.

How to get tickets for Biophysics seminar

1) Before the meeting: Advance online reservation

For those who have completed advance registration

Reservation period: August 27 (TUE) 10:00am JST – August 29 (THU) 4:00pm JST
Online reservation system will be closed automatically,
please complete the procedure in time.
Online reservation system is linked to the button below.
Advance registration number and e-mail address are required for online reservation.

  • You can attend only one biophysics seminar per day.
  • Please choose the following option for each day;
(1) Do not attend
  Check if you do not attend any biophysics seminar or attend other meeting etc. held around the same time.
(2) Attend the biophysics seminar selected at random
  Check if you wish to attend any of biophysics seminars selected by the secretariat.
(3) Choose and prioritize 6 biophysics seminars (not less/more than 6)
  If the number of applicants exceeds the limit, it will be selected in a drawing in order of priority.
If you are not selected in a drawing, attend other seminar selected at random
  If you choose (3), you can check “(2) Attend the biophysics seminar selected at random”
as well, in case you are not selected in a drawing.
  • A confirmation notice will be sent by e-mail to your registered e-mail address in a few minutes after you complete online reservation.
  • A notice will be sent by e-mail in a week after the reservation period to inform you which seminar you can attend.
  • The notice by e-mail will be used as a “seminar ticket”. Please print it out and show/hand it to staff at each seminar room.
  • Please come directly to the seminar room on the day of seminar.
2) During the meeting period: Ticket distribution desk

For those who have completed advance/on-site registration

The ticket distribution desk will be located near the registration desk. On-site tickets for the seminar held on the day will be handed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please show your name badge and receive a ticket.
Distribution time: 8:00am – when there is no ticket left


  • The number of lunch box is limited for each seminar.
  • If you wish to attend a seminar without lunch box, please ask staff at each seminar room.
  • Your name badge is required when you receive on-site tickets.
  • The tickets will be invalid after the starting time of seminar. Please note that if you are late,
    lunch box and handouts will be offered to those who are attending the seminar without the tickets.

List of Biophysics seminars – Abstracts (PDF)

Biophysics seminar: 8 seminars
*Career path support (Part 1) by BSJ

Biophysics seminar: 7 seminars

Biophysics seminar: 5 seminars
ABiS image competition by BSJ
* Gender equality & young researchers support by BSJ
* KAKENHI guide meeting by BSJ2019

Advance online reservation for Biophysics seminar
August 27 (TUE) 10:00am JST - August 29 (THU) 4:00pm JST
After advance reservation, please refrain from cancelling
at the last minute to reduce food loss.