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The program (presentation title, presenter's name and affiliation) and the online abstracts will be released on the BSJ57 web site. A half year later after the meeting, the abstracts will be posted on the J-Stage website which is linked from the BSJ web site.
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The List of BSJ 2019 programs

BSJ2019 are going to carry out the following programs. Updated information will be shared regularly.

▼Current Topic Sessions


Current Topic Sessions

“Current Topic Sessions” as new program will be created at BSJ2019.

Speakers will comprehensively present current topics which relate to speakers’ own recent researches. Delegates can touch the latest trend of various fields and those sessions must be places for discussions transcending fields.
Regarding sessions’ speakers and further information, please see the page for “Outline of Current Topic Sessions”.

Update 2019-08-23

Call for proposals for Symposia ‹ Closed ›

We are now calling for proposals for symposia. For further information, please see the page for “Call for proposals for Symposia”.

Speakers of Current Topic Sessions can apply for oral presentations as well but not for Symposia.
Looking forward to your proposals.

  • Outline of Call for proposals for Symposia