Best Presentation Award Winner 2022

JSI gives an award to the superior presenters in the workshop and poster session of the JSI Annual Meeting.
One / Two awardees are selected in an each category by workshop coordinators and chairpersons.
This award is supported by BioLegend and Tomy Digital Biology.

WS01 T cell development (thymus and homeostasis)

Presentation No: WS01-02-O/P
Phosphorylation of Runx proteins control thymocyte fate
Chihiro Ogawa (RIKEN)

WS02 Anti-tumor Effectors, Ag presentation

Presentation No: WS02-24-P
AltR on epithelial cells recognizes MHC-I to eliminate precancerous cells
Shiyu Ayukawa (Waseda University)

WS03 Infection and Immunity I

Presentation No: WS03-04-O/P
LILRB3 and LILRA6 recognize bacteria in an allele-specific manner
Gen Hasegawa (Kanazawa University)

WS04 Dendritic cells and macrophages-1: Immune regulation and disease perspectives

Presentation No: WS04-01-O/P
Dendritic cells regulate peripheral T cell survival through the CD47-SIRPα signaling
Yasuyuki Saito (Kobe University)

WS05 Innate lymphocytes

Presentation No: WS05-17-O/P
Aging alters landscape of pulmonary innate lymphoid cells
Masato Asaoka (RIKEN / Keio University)

WS06 Autoimmune diseases -Tissue specific-

Presentation No: WS06-04-O/P
Progressive multiple sclerosis patient-derived gut bacterial strain accelerates neuronal inflammation via intestinal Th17 cells
Daiki Takewaki (National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry)

WS07 Mucosal-Skin Immunity

Presentation No: WS07-07-O/P
Gut-resident innate lymphoid cells regulate lipid metabolism in response to malnutrition
Takuma Misawa (RIKEN)

WS08 Anti SARS-CoV-2 immune responses and Antibody producers

Presentation No: WS08-14-O/P
Identification of IgA autoantibodies against glomerular mesangial cells and the target autoantigen using an IgA nephropathy mouse model
Yoshihito Nihei (Juntendo University / Tokyo University of Science)

WS09 Molecular and cellular diversity of allergic disease

Presentation No: WS09-01-O/P
Spontaneous dermatitis associated with elevated sebaceous lipid production in Tmem79-deficient mice
Keitaro Fukuda (Keio University/ RIKEN)

WS10 T cell function and diseases-1 (Disease models and SARS-CoV-2)

Presentation No: WS10-03-O/P
NRP1 marks a pathogenic self-reactive Th subset in autoimmune disease
Ben Raveney (NCNP)

WS11 Tumor Immunotherapy

Presentation No: WS11-14-O/P
Aging-associated and CD4 T cell-dependent ectopic CXCL13 activation predisposes to anti-PD-1 therapyinduced adverse events
Hirotake Tsukamoto (Kyoto University)

WS12 Infection and Immunity II

Presentation No: WS12-04-O/P
Delayed antigen-specific CD4+ T-cell induction correlates with lower antibody responses and fewer adverse effects to SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination in older adults
Norihide Jo (Kyoto University)

WS13 B cell Development and Activation

Presentation No: WS13-06-O/P
Essential function for EMC1(ER membrane complex subunit1) in Ca2+ influx and B cell development
Kazuhiko Kawata (Kyushu University)

WS14 Innate immunity (1) Innate inflammation and disease

Presentation No: WS14-13-O/P
Direct activation of microglia by β-glucosylceramide causes phagoptosis of neurons that aggravates Gaucher disease
Takashi Shimizu (Osaka University)

WS15 Autoimmune diseases -Systemic-

Presentation No: WS15-05-O/P
Pathogenic neuropsychiatric effect of stress-induced microglial interleukin 12/23 axis in SLE
Yuki Tanaka (Hokkaido University / QST / NINS)

WS16 Tolerance and Immune suppression-1

Presentation No: WS16-04-O/P
Antigen-specific stimulation induced peripherally derived Treg cells which establish Treg-specific epigenome and orchestrate oral tolerance
Masaya Arai (Osaka University)

WS17 Cytokines and Chemokines-1

Presentation No: WS17-12-O/P
Extracellular DJ-1 has a essential role in the induction of sterile inflammation after ischemic stroke
Koutarou Nakamura (The University of Tokyo / Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)

WS18 T cell function and diseases-2 (Disease models)

Presentation No: WS18-08-O/P
Critical roles of an endoribonuclease N4bp1 in regulating CD8 T cell homeostasis and cancer immunosurveillance
Guohao Liu (Kyoto University)

WS19 Mucosal and Skin Surface Barrier

Presentation No: WS19-01-O/P
Roles of Disialylated Glycan in the Gut Mucosal Barrier
Mugen Taniguchi (Osaka University / Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

WS20 Dendritic cells and macrophages-2: Myeloid cell linage and their differentiation

Presentation No: WS20-19-O/P
The aryl hydrocarbon receptor instructs the immunomodulatory profile of a subset of Clec4a4+ eosinophils unique to the small intestine
Jun Kasamatsu (Kagoshima University / Washington University)

WS21 Molecular and cellular diversity of allergic diseases (II)

Presentation No: WS21-06-O/P
Development of a murine model for oral allergy syndrome to identify IgE crossreactive pollen and food allergens
Risa Yamamoto (Juntendo University)

WS22 Hematopoiesis and Immune Environment

Presentation No: WS22-01-O/P
Critical role of N6-methyladenosine modification deposited by METTL16 in hematopoiesis
Masanori Yoshinaga (Kyoto University)

WS23 Human Immunology (Immunointervention)

Presentation No: WS23-01-O/P
An atlas of transcribed enhancers across helper T cell diversity for decoding human diseases
Akiko Oguchi (RIKEN / Kyoto University)

WS24 Tolerance and Immune suppression-2

Presentation No: WS24-19-O/P
AIRE leaves footprints on chromatin for immunological self-tolerance
Kenta Horie (RIKEN)

WS25 Cytokines and Chemokines-2

Presentation No: WS25-15-O/P
DNAM-1 deficiency exacerbates Concanavalin A-induced acute liver injury through neutrophil infiltration
Soichi Matsuo (University of Tsukuba)

WS26 T Cell activation and responses (human and Vitro)

Presentation No: WS26-04-O/P
Robust TCR signals control epigenetic conversion of conventional T cells to regulatory T cells through mTORC1-dependent expression of TET proteins
Tomohide Kinoshita (The University of Tokyo)

WS27 Tumor Microenvironment, Metabolism

Presentation No: WS27-14-O/P
Spermidine activates Mitochondrial trifunctional complex MTP leading to enhanced fatty acid oxidation FAO in CD8+ T cells and stronger anti-tumor immunity in combination PD-1 blockade
Muna Al-Habsi (Kyoto University / Ministry of Health, Oman)

WS28 Infection and Immunity III

Presentation No: WS28-01-O/P
Therapeutic efficacy of monoclonal antibodies and antivirals against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variants in the hamster model
Ryuta Uraki (The University of Tokyo / NCGM)

WS29 Dendritic cells and macrophages-3: Regulation of cytokine production, pathogenesis

Presentation No: WS29-11-O/P
The role of RNase T2 in macrophage homeostasis
Ryota Sato (The University of Tokyo)

WS30 Innate immunity (2) Innate recognition and signaling

Presentation No: WS30-08-O/P
A lethal cross-talk between innate immune and adrenergic receptor signaling
Shuto Tanaka (Kyoto University)

WS31 Autoimmunity

Presentation No: WS31-07-O/P
RNase-induced Fc gamma receptor stimulation of Ro60/SSA- and La/SSB- immune complexes
Ryota Naito (Kyoto University / Osaka University)

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