Abstract Submission

Submission period:
June 1-July 8 20 28, 2021 at 17:00 (JST) Close
All submission must be completed during the period.


  1. All abstracts must be submitted in English.
  2. All presentation slides for Workshop (Oral session) must be prepared in English and all presentations are to be delivered in English. Japanese may be permitted during discussions at each chair’s discretion.
  3. Oral presentations at Workshop will be conducted in a hybrid way. Presentations and discussions will be conducted in the session rooms on the meeting site as usual. In addition to that, online participants will be able to view sessions in real-time. In principle, all oral presenters are to deliver their presentations on the meeting site.
  4. All poster presentations must be delivered in English as before.
  5. You can choose either “Oral and Poster presentation” or “Poster presentation only” when you submit an abstract.
  6. All poster presentations are to be delivered online. Detailed information will be announced later.

Presentation style of the hybrid meeting

The 50th JSI annual meeting will be held in the form of the hybrid meeting: on-site (Nara) and online.
In principle, presenters of Overview Talk, Symposium and Workshop are to deliver their presentation on the meeting site and online participants can view live-streaming videos of their presentations. Poster session will be held online, and all poster presenters are to deliver online presentations. Detailed information on online presentations will be available in October.

Presentation format of Regular presentations (Poster and Workshop)

All regular presentations must be delivered in Poster format. Some abstracts submitted for regular presentations will be accepted as oral presentation for Workshop. Those whose abstracts are accepted as oral presentations must deliver their presentation both at Poster session and Workshop. If you wish to apply for Workshop, please choose “Oral and Poster Presentation” in the process of submission.
Selection of abstracts for Workshop and proceeding of sessions are left to discretion of chairs who are selected by members of Program Committee of JSI.
Detailed information of Workshop will be posted on ”Program” page. You will be asked to choose categories in the process of submission, however, specialized categories may be added in consideration of a balance of number of abstracts and fields.


All authors, presenting authors and co-authors must be JSI members.
<<exception>> All foreign-registered authors residing outside Japan are exempt from membership.
For inquiries or information regarding JSI membership, please contact JSI Secretariat.

Presentation condition

One person can submit one paper as a first author.
One person cannot submit multiple papers as a first author.

Presentation Language

All presentation slides for Workshop (Oral session) and posters must be prepare in English and all presentations are to be delivered in English. Japanese may be permitted during discussions at each chair’s discretion.

Categories and Keywords

All authors will be asked to select a category from 14 categories below. Visit here for details including keywords.

No. Category No. Category
1 Hematopoiesis and Immune Environment 8 Tolerance and Immune suppression
2 2B cells 9 Virus infection - Bacterial / mycofungal / parasite infection
3 T cells 10 Innate immunity
4 Innate lymphocytes 11 Mucosal-Skin Immunity
5 Dendritic cells, macrophages, granulocytes 12 Autoimmune diseases
6 Allergy 13 Tumor immunity
7 Cytokines and chemokines 14 Human Immunology (Immunointervention)

Confirmation Email

Once you complete abstract submission, you will receive a confirmation email. Your abstract number will be shown in the confirmation email. You need it to modify your abstract or to send an inquiry to the secretariat. Print out the page or save it on your computer to be sure to keep them sage.

Reviewing result

Reviewing results will be announced on our website. Accepted abstract numbers will be posted on our website between late September and early October 2021. Notification emails will not be sent to those who submitted abstracts directly.

Best Presentation Award

The Best Presentation Award will be given to those who make excellent oral presentation (Workshop) or poster presentation. Visit here for more information on the award.

COI Disclosure

The management of COI Disclosure (Disclosure of Conflict of Interest) is essential to avoid future risk of bias in order to promote industry-academia collaboration. Japanese Society of Immunology (JSI) established the Ethic and COI committee in 2021, it started the management of COI Disclosure from the 43rd JSI annual meeting. This meeting, the 50th JSI annual meeting, requires all presenters to disclose their COI status by entering information on the submission process and presenting their presentation slides or posters based on “COI Guidelines”.

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