The 58th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan



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The program (presentation title, presenter's name and affiliation) and the online abstracts will be released on the BSJ58 web site. A half year later after the meeting, the abstracts will be posted on the J-Stage website which is linked from the BSJ web site.

BSJ web site:
J-Stage web site:

We have decided to use a "Confit" system of Atlas Co., Ltd to host the Annual Meeting online. All participants will attend the meeting through the Confit web page using your ID and password, which will be informed to you at a later date.

The PDF file of each poster posted on the Confit web page will be transformed in a non-downloadable format by Atlas Co., Ltd, and then will be displayed on the page. If you wish, you can post an additional file of the explanation (either audio or video) to allow participants to view the poster with an explanation. Questions and answers will be performed on the chat system of each page. Although there will not be a core time for the poster presenters to give an explanation, we will set up time frames that allow us to focus on the discussion. Using the chat system, you can discuss it at any time during the meeting to promote the active exchange of ideas.

As for the symposium, we will hold it online at the Zoom meeting. The speakers can use presentation software (e.g. PowerPoint) for image and audio presentations as you would do normally in real meetings. However, since it is difficult to answer audio questions from a large number of people, basically, we will only accept questions by typing them in the chat system. Answers will be given in the audio form.

Depending on the Internet communication environment, you may not be able to receive both the image and sound well. We will provide a site that can be checked before the session, so be sure to check it before you attend the annual meeting.