The 58th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan

Submission of Poster Presentation files

Important note on poster image PDF file
Please submit a single page PDF file.
Imagine a poster on the wall.
Never submit the file containing multiple pages.
Only the first page will be displayed.
If you need to re-submit, please contact the 58th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan, System Support Desk by 17:00 (JST) on August 25.
Attention! Modify the file name for poster/video file submission
The file name should be simply the presentation number (+extension).

If the presentation number is 20751Z, the poster file name will be 20751Z.pdf. In the video file, it looks like 20751Z.avi.

At this online meeting, links to poster files and movie files from the programs on the Web will be automatically processed based on the file name.
If the file name is inappropriate, such as Biophys2020poster.pdf, the link will not work properly and the poster/video will not be displayed.

We have already received several submissions with innappropriate file names. If you submit the wrong file, please contact the Support Desk ( by 17:00 (JST) on August 25. We will delete the file.

Additional note for poster file submission
Due to the settings of Google Form, your name is automatically added to the name of the submitted file (e.g. 20751Z.pdf → 20751Z-Jim Watson.pdf).

This change can be left and will not affect the automatic identification of the poster file.

Submission of poster PDF and video files

The deadline 24:00 JST on Friday, August 28. Please be sure to adhere to this deadline.

Poster image file (no more than 10MB) and optional video file (no more than 100MB, 10 min) for poster presentations should be created with the presentation number as the file name (e.g. 20756E.pdf, 20756E.mp4, 20756E.avi).

Please make sure to use the correct file name. The poster number can be found in here.

Please use the following link to submit your file(s).
The link will vary depending on your presentation number. As informed before, to use Google Form, you will need a Google account to submit.

Presentation Number
20001A-20100A, please click here to link.
20101A-20200G, please click here to link.
20201G-20300I, please click here to link.
20301I-20400M, please click here to link.
20401M-20500R, please click here to link.
20501S-20572U, please click here to link.