The 21st Annual Meeting of the Protein Science Society of Japan

Information for Participants

Virtual Meeting Platform (confit)

You can access “the Virtual Meeting Platform (confit)” from the home page of the Annual Meeting Official Website to see abstracts, to view e-posters and to access Symposium / Workshop / Corporate Seminar Zoom meetings.

Login ID / PW

For those who completed on-line registration (early registration), login ID / PW for “the Virtual Meeting Platform” will be distributed in early June.

ID / PW will be distributed only for those who completed registration and finished payment by 13. May. When you missed the payment deadline, please proceed to late registration, which will be open right before the Meeting.

*Payment for late registration can only be made with credit cards. ID / PW will be distributed via email after payment finished. A program booklet and a receipt will be sent after the Meeting.

Corporate Seminars (Lunchtime Seminars) / Online Exhibition

Corporate seminars and an exhibition will also be held online. You need to pay participation fee for lunchtime seminars, while you can visit online exhibition for free.
Please visit the online exhibition from the home page of the Annual Meeting Official Website.


Login ID / PW are important data given exclusively to the registrants. Please do not share them with any third parties nor disclose them on social networking services.
Any actions that infringe on the rights of presenters (e.g. saving images / presentation materials, taking screenshots, recording and redistribution) are prohibited.
Please note that legal actions may be taken if any inappropriate activities are identified.