The 21st Annual Meeting of the Protein Science Society of Japan

Abstract Submission


  • Only members of the Protein Science Society of Japan are allowed to give a presentation at this meeting.
    Join the PSSJ from the link below.
    Apply for PSSJ Membership from here.
    Please pay an annual membership fee for FY2021 (starting April 2021) if you are a newcomer (fee for FY2020 (ending March 2021) is not required).
    If you are already a member, please pay the annual fee for FY2021
  • Presenters should complete registration after on-line registration starts.
  • You can present one abstract as a speaker.
    *Symposium / workshop speakers are allowed to give a poster presentation.

Presentation Categories

Abstracts are called for in the following three categories:
*Those who have applied for the “Young Scientist Award” or “Poster Award” cannot apply for poster presentation.

  Category Application Period
1 PSSJ Young Scientist Award   February 2 (Tue) – 19 (Fri)  26 (Fri) 17:00, 2021  Closed
2 PSSJ Poster Award February 2 (Tue) – 19 (Fri)  March 3 (Wed) 17:00, 2021  Closed
3 Poster Presentation February 2 (Tue) – 19 (Fri)   March 3 (Wed) 17:00, 2021  Closed

Eligibility requirements for the Young Scientist & Poster Awards are described here.

Presentation Language

Please create your slides / poster and give your presentation in the language shown below:

1 PSSJ Young Scientist Award: Both presentation and slides in English
*Please fill in an application form (MS Word) and prepare an abstract in English as well.
2 PSSJ Poster Award: Presentation in any language, poster and slides for flash talk in English
3 Poster presentation: Presentation in any language, poster in English

Oral Presentations in Workshops

We call for applicants who wish to give oral presentations in workshops. The organizers will select 1 or 2 speakers for each workshop. If you wish your abstract to be considered for an oral presentation in a workshop, please make a first and a second choice of themes of workshops at the time you submit an abstract.
Please note that you should deliver your poster presentation even if your abstract is selected for an oral presentation.

Check out the themes of workshops in which applicants who wish to give oral presentations are called for from here.

* There are some themes that are not included in the list. Please note that oral presentations are not called for in unlisted themes.

Online Submission Guidelines

  • Please keep the 5-digit receipt code that is issued when you complete abstract submission and your password in a safe place. Both are necessary when you modify your abstract. The meeting secretariat cannot respond to inquiries regarding receipt codes or passwords.
  • The character limit is 1,260 characters for English abstracts (630 two-byte characters for Japanese abstracts). Please copy and paste an abstract you have created with your own word processor rather than typing it directly on the submission screen.
  • An email confirming your submission will be sent to your registered email address automatically after you complete your submission (modification). When you do not receive an email, your submission (modification) may not be complete, or the email address you registered may not be valid.
  • A confirmation email may not successfully be delivered to a free email account. Please use a paid email account as much as possible.
  • Charts cannot be included in an abstract.
  • Please enter contact information of the presenter in the contact information column.


1PSSJ Young Scientist Award
Application Screen
1PSSJ Young Scientist Award
Modification Screen
WordApplication Form (MS Word) Download

Applicants for the Young Scientist Award should send an application form (MS Word) in addition to abstract submission. Please download the form by clicking the button above, fill it out with necessary information and send an email with the form attached to the secretariat (
The application form in MS Word should be prepared in one page on an A4 sheet. Please describe your research by using texts, charts or images freely so that it appeals to others.

2PSSJ Poster Award  
  Application Screen
2PSSJ Poster Award
     Modification Screen
3PSSJ Poster Presentation
 Application Screen
3PSSJ Poster Presentation
Modification Screen