The 59th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan

The 59th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan

Info. for Organizers and Presenters

1. General Oral Presenters


We ask presenters of all the general presentations to submit pre-recorded oral talks in advance. The general presentations of the meeting will be organized as real-time sessions by using Zoom. For each of the presenters, we will broadcast the submitted movie and have real-time on-line discussion time. The official language of the presentation and discussion is English. Durations assigned for the presentation, discussion and exchange of presenters are 8 min, 3min and 1min, respectively.
In addition to the above presentation time, we will enable the registered participants to view the presentation movies from Confit during the meeting. Comments and questions on the presentations might be posted using the chat function of Confit. We will enable the viewing of the presentation movies and the discussion through the chat until Dec. 10th.
We ask all presenters of the general oral presentations including those who are picked up in one of the symposium (symposium pick up) to make the general oral presentations.

Preparation of your presentation movie

Please prepare an 8-min movie of your presentation. If your presentation exceeds the 8-min limit, chairpersons of your session might discontinue the presentation. Please show the title and the names of the presenters at the beginning.
Please save the movie using the presentation # as the file name and in the MP4, MOV, WMV or AVI formats (ex. 1-05-1330.MP4). Other formats including sound files such as MP3 or WAV cannot be accepted. Please prepare the movie at the file size of around 500 MB and keep the upper limit of 1 GB. The recommended screen size is 16:9. The video-sharing site, Vimeo (, will be used to store the submitted movies.

Submission of your presentation movie

Please submit the prestation movie through a special web page in the annual meeting web page. Submissions should be completed in the period from Nov. 1st to Nov. 12th. The movies will be download protected and posted in Confit from Nov. 17th.

Deletion of the submitted movie files

The organization committee will delete all the submitted movies completely after a certain period of the annual meeting.

2. Invited Symposium Presenters

We will have symposia as real-time online events using Zoom. For the details of your presentation such as presentation time, please consult with meeting organizers.
Upon the agreement of the symposium organizers and the individual presenters, the organization committee of the annual meeting will record the presentation and discussion of the symposia and will enable the viewing of the records by the registered meeting participants. We will ask the permission of the recording through the symposium organizers. We ask your cooperation for the recording.
The recorded video will be download protected and posted on Confit by Dec. 10th. We will delete the recorded videos completely after a certain period of the annual meeting.