The 59th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan

The 59th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan

For High School Students from Abroad

We invite high school students to present their research efforts in the 59th annual meeting of the Biophysics Society of Japan (BSJ). Last year, we had more than 10 presentations by high school students including one from abroad. The organization committee of the last year’s meeting gave “Poster Presentation Award” to the excellent presentations by voting by the members of BSJ. We will continue this award, and would like to call for the presentations by high school students.

This year, we ask presenters to submit pre-recorded oral talks in advance. In the meeting, we will broadcast the submitted talks. After the talks, we will have the real-time on-line discussion. Official language of the meeting is English.

The application period of the presentation will be 28 June to 30 July 6 Aug 2021. Please set the presenter (the high school student) as the first author and the supervisor as the last author. We ask the supervisor to complete the application process. One student can apply one presentation as the first author. The high school presenters and their supervisors do not have to be members of BSJ.

We are looking forward to receiving your registrations.
Chair of the Organizing Committee
Satoshi Takahashi, Ph.D.
Organization Committee in charge for high school presentations
Shin-ichi Morita, PhD