Best Presentation Award Winner 2021

JSI gives an award to the superior presenters in the workshop and poster session of the JSI Annual Meeting.
One / Two awardees are selected in an each category by workshop coordinators and chairpersons.
This award is supported by BioLegend and Tomy Digital Biology.

WS01 Tolerance and Immune Suppression

Presentation No: 1-A-WS1-15-O/P
Proenkephalin+ regulatory T cells expanded by ultraviolet B exposure maintain skin homeostasis with a healing function
Hiroaki Shime (Nagoya City University)

WS02 Innate immunity

Presentation No: 1-B-WS2-13-O/P
LINE-1 activation in the cerebellum drives cerebellar ataxia
Takehiro Takahashi (Yale University)

WS03 Hematopoiesis and Immune Environment

Presentation No: 1-C-WS3-10-O/P
RANKL+ cells in the primary ossification center contributes to perinatal bone marrow development
Eriko Sumiya (Kyushu University)

WS04 T cell antigen-recognition, activation, and effector differentiation

Presentation No: 1-D-WS4-10-O/P
SCD2-mediated monounsaturated fatty acid metabolism regulates cGAS-STING-dependent type I IFN responses in CD4+ T cells
Toshio Kanno (Kazusa DNA Research Institute)

WS05 T cell immunity in cancer

Presentation No: 1-E-WS5-10-O/P
Targeting poor prognosis leukemia with CD25-targeted chemokine receptor expressing CAR Tcell therapy
Ari Itoh-Nakadai (RIKEN IMS)

WS06 Immunity against SARS-CoV-2 and influenza virus

Presentation No: 2-A-WS6-06-O/P
Cross-reactivity of pre-existing CD8+ T cells against SARS-CoV-2
Kanako Shimizu (RIKEN IMS)

WS07 Autoimmune diseases-1

Presentation No: 2-B-WS7-04-O/P
A distal enhancer regulates RANKL expression in synovial fibroblasts in arthritis
Minglu Yan (The University of Tokyo)

WS08 B cell-Regulation of B cell immune response

Presentation No: 2-C-WS8-14-O/P
Integrin CD11b, a new marker of pre-germinal center IgA+ B cells in murine Peyer’s patches
Gao Peng (The University of Tokyo)

WS09 Allergy

Presentation No: 2-D-WS9-08-O/P
LIGHT-LTβR Signaling is Essential for Airway Smooth Muscle Remodeling and Asthmatic Airway Hyperresponsiveness
Haruka Miki (La Jolla Institute for Immunology)

WS10 Tumor microenvironment, Effector cells

Presentation No: 2-E-WS10-07-O/P
STA551, a novel ATP-dependent CD137 agonist improved anti-tumor efficacy of T cell bispecific antibody in vivo.
Sayuri Horikawa (Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)

WS11 Macrophages/Dendritic cells in inflammation and diseases

Presentation No: 2-F-WS11-04-O/P
Loss of Rab7a in dendritic cells causes type 2 autoimmune hepatitis and primary biliary cholangitis
Shin-Ichiroh Saitoh (The University of Tokyo)

WS12 Mucosal-Skin Immunity

Presentation No: 2-A-WS12-04-O/P
Retention of CD4+ tissue-resident memory T cells by interacting with CD301b+ dermal dendritic cells via CXCL16 in a murine delayed-type hypersensitivity model
Ryota Asahina (Kyoto University)

WS13 Autoimmune disease-2

Presentation No: 2-B-WS13-02-O/P
The integrative analysis of large-scale bulk and single-cell RNAseq revealed neuromuscular molecules production by nmTEC in myasthenia gravis related thymoma.
Yoshiaki Yasumizu (Osaka University)

WS14 B cell- B cell differentiation and anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody responses

Presentation No: 2-C-WS14-06-O/P
Differential roles of RUBCN isoforms in the fate decision of germinal center B cells
Chaoyuan Tsai (Osaka University)

WS15 T cell differentiation

Presentation No: 2-D-WS15-26-O/P
ACC1-expressing pathogenic T helper 2 cell populations facilitate lung and skin inflammation
Takahiro Nakajima (Kazusa DNA Research Institute)

WS16 Advances in Immunological Signaling in Tumor Microenvironment

Presentation No: 2-E-WS16-21-O/P
DNAM-1 promotes inflammation-driven tumor development via enhancing IFN-γ production
Yuho Nakamura-Shinya (University of Tsukuba)

WS17 Immune responses to pathogen infection

Presentation No: 3-A-WS17-03-O/P
Dectin-1/IL-15 pathway affords protection against acute invasive aspergillosis by regulating NK cell survival
Fabio Seiti Yamada Yoshikawa (Chiba University)

WS18 Innate lymphocytes

Presentation No: 3-B-WS18-01-O/P
γδ T cells regulate differentiation of antigen specific CD4+ T cells during malaria
Shin-Ichi Inoue (Nagasaki University)

WS19 Cytokines and Chemokines

Presentation No: 3-C-WS19-13-O/P
Manipulating the expression of Regnase-1 by antisense oligonucleotides to counteract inflammatory diseases
Ka Man Tse (Kyoto University)

WS20 T cell development and function

Presentation No: 3-D-WS20-16-O/P
Bone marrow and splenic memory CD4 T cells are differently maintained in terms of cytokine signals, cell adhesion and cellular metabolism
Uki Kimura (Tottori University)

WS21 Macrophage in inflammation and diseases

Presentation No: 3-E-WS21-06-O/P
Placenta-expressed transcript-1, a novel immunosuppressive molecule, inhibits inflammatory cytokine production during bacterial infection.
Jun Kasamatsu (Tohoku University)

WS22 Human Immunology

Presentation No: 3-F-WS22-06-O/P
Control of naive and effector CD4 T cell receptor repertoires by rheumatoid-arthritis-risk HLA alleles
Yasuo Nagafuchi (The University of Tokyo)