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Registration Period
Early: May 6 (Thu)- September 30 (Thu), 17:00 JST Closed.
Late: October 12 (Tue),- November 5 (Fri)

*The 94th JBS Meeting (JBS2021) Secretariat is in charge of Early Registration.
JBS Secretariat is in charge of Late Registration.

How to Register

Early Registration
Click “Registration” button and enter required information such as names, address, registration category.
Registration should be completed before submitting abstract.
Late Registration
Please contact JBS Secretariat at? jbs-ho@jbsoc.or.jp from October 12.

Registration No.

You will receive a confirmation email including your registration number after completing registration.

JBS Membership Number

If your membership application is currently in the process, enter “ 9999999” for membership ID.
If you do not know your membership number, please contact JBS Secretariat.
Japanese Biochemical Society Secretariat
TEL: +81(0)3-3815-1913   E-mail: jbs-ho@jbsoc.or.jp

Registration Fees & Payment

1) Registration Fees


*From October 12, the online registration system is not available, you need to contact JBS Secretariat to register.

Program Booklet/
Abstracts (Web-browsing)
Member Regular 10,000 13,000 To be delivered as membership benefit prior to the meeting
Graduate Student 2,000 3,000
Non Member Regular 13,000 18,000 Purchasable at
JBS Secretariat Office.
Graduate Student 3,000 5,000
Undergraduate Students *1 0 0

※Undergraduate students must send any documents certifying your enrollment such as a copy of Student ID by email or Fax.
E-mail: ec_gakkai@nta.co.jp FAX: +81(0)6-6342-0232
*From September 1, you need to contact JBS Secretariat at jbs-ho@jbsoc.or.jp to register.

2) Payment

    Early Registration
  • Advance registration will not be completed without the payment for advance registration fee.
    Please kindly note that you will be asked to pay registration fee for “Late registration”, if you make “Early registration” but the payment is not completed by the due date (July17),
  • Payment method: Credit cards or convenience store payment. For more information on payment method, please refer “Payment” page of the registration system.
  • Please contact JBS Secretariat at jbs-ho@jbsoc.or.jp for payment status.

Meeting Program & Certificate of Attendance

Meeting Program & Abstract Browsing

JBS Members

JBS members who completed payment of 2021 membership fee, will receive a Meeting Program prior to the meeting. Login ID and password for the Abstract Browsing System will be sent to your registered email address.

Undergraduate Students (member & nonmember), and Non-members

Registration fees do not include fees for a Meeting Program and use of the Abstract Browsing System. Please contact JBS Secretariat if you wish to purchase those.
(Tel: +81(0)3-3815-1913 E-mail: jbs-ho@jbsoc.or.jp

Certificate of Attendance / Payment Receipt

You can download them by entering Confit login ID and password.
Download period
If you complete your registration on September 30 (Thu) or earlier, you can download them between October 18 (Mon) and November 30 (Tue).
If you complete your registration after October 12 (Mon), you can download them between November 15 (Mon) and 30 (Tue).

Cancellation/ Refund

Registration fees will not be refunded for any reasons.

Registration Screen

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【Mailing Address for the payment receipt of registration fees】
You need to create a personal account to make Advance Registration.
Please change your personal information if it is necessary.