Information for Chairs and Presenters

This meeting will be held virtually. All chairs and presenters are to participate online. Please do not visit the meeting venue.

For Chairs

Chairs of live lectures with Zoom (Plenary lectures, Symposia and some of regular presentations)
Please read it through and chair your session. Click here to read the manual.

For Presenters

  1. Presenters of liv lectures with Zoom (Plenary lectures, Symposia, and some of regular presentations (oral sessions) )
    Please read it through, then prepare presentation slides and deliver presentations. Click here to read the manual.
  2. Presenters of streaming lectures (regular presentations (Poster sessions))

    Click here to learn how to upload presentation videos.
    Presentation number is same as poster number: 3 or 4-digit number starting with “P-”. Please enter from P-” then other numbers.
    Example: P-999 * No space is needed between “P-” and numbers.

    Enter the email address you registered when you submitted the abstract.

    Due for uploading presentation videos:October 25 (Mon) 23:59
    Streaming period : November 2 (Tue) ? 5 (Fri)
    *Streaming starts from Nov. 2 since Nov. 3 is a Japan’s national holiday.

    Presentation videos will be available on “Confit”: the program searching / abstract browsing system, during above period.
    Participants who watch your presentation may push the like button or post questions on your abstract page. You can answer those questions during the meeting only.