Plenary Lecture

Takashi Yoshimura (Nagoya University)
Understanding the mystery of biological clocks: Learning from unique animals to contribute to food production and human health
Date: November 29 (Wed) 9:00-9:40
Takashi Yamamoto (Hiroshima University)
Recent advances in genome editing technology and its application in various fields

Date: November 29 (Wed) 13:30-14:10

Takahiro Ogasawara (Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd. (J-TEC))
Advancements in Regenerative Medicine for Opthalmology
Date: Dec 1 (Fri) 9:00-9:40

ESACT Plenary Lecture

EPL-1 Nicole Borth (Universitat fur Bodenkultur, Austria)
“Epigenetics and Phenotypes in CHO cell lines”
Date: November 30 (Thu) 9:00-9:30
EPL-2 Anne Bondgaard Tolstrup (AbtBioConsult Aps, Denmark)
“Bispecifics ? different formats bring different treatment opportunities but also different CMC challenges”
Date: November 30 (Thu) 9:30-10:00


S1 Chicken as the Crossroads of Basic and Applied Research Fields
Organizer: Yuya Okuzaki (Nagoya University), Ken-ichi Nishijima (Nagoya University)
Date: November 28 (Tue) 13:15-15:15
S2 Regenerative Medicine Driven by Advancing Technologies
Organizerrganizer: Ryuji Kato (Nagoya University), Kazunori Shimizu (Nagoya University)
Date: November 28 (Tue) 15:30-17:30
S3 Autophagy in Food Science
Organizer: Taichi Hara (Waseda University)
Date: November 29 (Wed) 10:00-12:00
S4 Animal Cell Technology from Asia: Toward Bioproduction and Health
Organizer: Hiroaki Oda(Nagoya University)
Date: November 29 (Wed) 16:40-18:40
S5 “Post-Cas9” Genome Editing - Paving the Way for Industrial Applications
Organizer: Tetsushi Sakuma (Hiroshima University), Kazuto Yoshimi (The University of Tokyo)
Date: November 30 (Thu) 13:00-15:00
S6 Recent Advances in Cell Culture and Cell Engineering (I)
Organizer: Takeshi Omasa (Osaka University) , Akira Egashira (Astellas Pharma)
Date: November 30 (Thu) 15:30-17:30
S7 Recent Advances in Cell Culture and Cell Engineering (II)
Organizer: Takeshi Omasa (Osaka University) , Akira Egashira (Astellas Pharma)
Date: December 1 (Fri) 9:50-11:50

Social Program

1. Get Together Party November 28(Tue) 17:45-19:00
Poster space (Nagoya Congress Center)
2. ESACT Medal Ceremony November 29(Wed)18:50-19:05
Lecture Room 1/141+142
3. Banquet November 30(Thu)19:30 -21:00
*Free shuttle bus service from Nagoya Congress Center is available after 6:35 p.m.


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