Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Deadline (for oral presentation): August 7 August 31 September 15, JST2:00PM
Abstract Submission Deadline (for poster presentation): August 23 September 13 September 15, JST2:00PM
Notice of Acceptance / Rejection: Late September (tentative)
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  2. After creating your account, proceed to the registration.
  3. Once complete the registration, Abstract Submission can be available.
  4. Enter the required information to complete the submission.
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Presentation Types

Abstracts can be submitted for oral presentation or poster presentation.

NOTE 1 : If you are not an appointed speaker, please do not select plenary lecture nor symposium.

NOTE 2 : Slots of the oral presentation are limited.
       Those who are not selected for oral will shift to poster presentations.

Topic area

Please select two categories for your submission.

  1. Cell culture engineering
  2. Production of biologicals
  3. Functional cell lines
  4. Glycoengineering
  5. Immunologicals, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccines
  6. Transplantation, artificial organs, and organ substitutes
  7. Tissue engineering and stem cells
  8. Gene therapy and cell therapy
  9. Transgenic animals
  10. Safety and regulation
  11. Cell regulatory factors and signal transduction
  12. Functional substances in food and natural sources
  13. Animal cells for in vitro assay
  14. Other topics concerning animal cell technology


JAACT2023 will give the awards of “Best Oral Presentation Award” and “Best Poster Presentation Award” to excellent oral or poster presentations from among young investigators (within 5 years of PhD qualification).

Confirmation Message

Once abstract submission is completed, you will receive an confirmation email titled:
Subject: JAACT2023: Thank you for submitting your abstract.

If you do not receive the confirmation email within a few minutes, please log in to the system again and check whether the abstract has been submitted successfully. If you need any assistance, please contact the secretariat at jaact2023@aeplan.co.jp.

Abstract Body / Title

Abstract body: Less than 250 words
Title: Less than 30 words

Notification of Acceptance

Notification of acceptance will be sent late September 2023. The Program Committee reserves the right to reject any abstract it considers.


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