Click the following the button “Access to Virtual Meeting” and enter your login ID and password.
The URL of the ZOOM session will be displayed 10 minutes before the start time
of each session.
Login ID and password has been distributed at the beginning of November to those who competed online registration. If you haven’t received login ID and password, please contact JAACT2020 secretariat. (

Indication of your name

Enter your "First name_Last name (affiliation name)" when joining the ZOOM meeting.

How to access to each session

Click this page

Microphone and Camera

Microphone and camera are not available to participants except for poster presentations.
Only chairs and presenters can be used them.

Q & A

Please click “Raise hand” button, when you have questions. The secretariat will turn on your microphone then. Chat and Q&A features are also available to send questions by text messages.

To participate in the JAACT2020 Fuchu Virtual Meeting, you are required to consent to the following terms and conditions. We very much appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
1. The ID and login password are important data to be given only to the registrants of the JAACT2020 Fuchu Virtual Meeting. Please do not share them with any third party or disclose them on social networking services. The names, affiliations, job titles, and e-mail addresses of participants may be disclosed to the speakers.
2. Multiple online platforms are used to host JAACT2020. Please note that unforeseen troubles may occur, such as system malfunction of each platform or obstruction by malicious participants.
3. Any actions that infringe on the rights of the presenter (e.g., saving of images/presentation materials including screen capture, recording and redistribution) are prohibited.
Please note that legal action may be taken if any inappropriate activities are identified.
4.Please note that JAACT2020 Secretariat may terminate the connection if a disturbing sound or unstable network connection is considered to hinder the operation of the session.
5. There is a limit to concurrent accesses numbers up to 500 participants in Plenary lecture, Symposia, and Oral sessions and up to 100 participants in Poster sessions. Please note that you might not be able to access a session once the session reaches its capacity.
6. Presentation in online conference is regarded as a public transmission under the Copyright Law of Japan. Please pay particular attention not to cause copyright infringement or defamation for content of the slides you share on screen or the poster PDF you submit. Please make sure to indicate the source when quoting published works.
The author will be responsible for any damage caused to a third party if the content of his or her work is alleged to infringe on the copyright of a third party.
7. Please note there is a possibility that connection problems may occur depending on the internet environment of the users (including the participants and presenters).