The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan


Tadashi Uemura Tadashi Uemura
President of MBSJ2020
(Graduate School of Biostudies, Kyoto University)

Concept of meeting No.5

On your mark
First of all, the organizing committee would like to give special thanks for both the 1,311 submissions before the deadline and the late breaking abstracts for our poster sessions! Together with 706 webinars in the symposia and the workshops, MBSJ2020 Online is replete with over 2,000 scientific presentations in English.
Participants can discuss virtually with speakers “face-to-face” in “Meet the Speakers” after each symposium and workshop. In addition to live streaming of all the webinars during the meeting, more than half of them can be viewed on demand for one week after the meeting.
If you have not registered MBSJ2020 Online yet, we welcome late registration at
We have been in the midst of challenging time to do research; nonetheless, MBSJ2020 Online rises to the occasion with truly innovate discoveries and exciting platforms for discussion. We very much look forward to your participation next month!

November 2020

Concept of meeting No.4

The committee for MBSJ2020 elected to reformat the 43rd annual meeting, originally scheduled to take place on site in Kobe, to a virtual meeting: MBSJ2020 Online. We would appreciate it if you could kindly understand our decision.
The new meeting will include webinars of most of the familiar sessions, such as symposia, workshops and Bio-tech seminars. Delivery of those webinars will consist of live streaming during the meeting (Dec. 2-4) and on-demand viewing for one week after the meeting. Importantly, the registration fees of regular members and graduate student members of MBSJ2020 Online are markedly discounted compared to those of the recent in-person MBSJ meetings. Our abstract system and registration system have already opened. We are finalizing many other details and will announce them on the website as soon as they are fixed.
Although we will miss meeting all of you in person this year, we greatly appreciate your abstract submission and registration at the new, virtual format, which nonetheless should still or even more enable you to be excited by “new faces and new questions.”

August 2020

Concept of meeting No.3

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been unprecedented and is still unforeseeable. Indeed, this pandemic is forcing the entire scientific community to reconsider what the point of a scientific meeting is in the first place, and to ask whether there might be pandemic-resistant, even superior alternative formats. MBSJ2020 is no exception in this regard. The organizing committee is in the middle of discussing contingency plans. Please allow us to change the detailed information if necessary, including abstract submission and registration, which we have originally planned for this annual meeting to take place on site in Kobe. Whatever the format will be, the everlasting value of every scientific meeting is to discuss the latest developments with other scientists, and the concept of MBSJ2020 is the same, “New Faces, New Questions, and Revitalized Worlds,” and more pertinent than ever. Please find important updates and changes in the July issue of the society newsletter (the extra issue for MBSJ2020) and also in coming pages of our website. We look forward to your participation very much.

May 2020

Concept of meeting No.2

Have you kindly visited the Japanese version of the home page of the 43rd annual meeting of the MBSJ (MBSJ2020; If not, please take a look. What do you imagine the design presents? You might associate it with The Kobe Luminarie, which is a signature winter event of the Kobe region, or a snowy sky through stained glass. The design actually represents Mandalas, which are symbols of fusion and unity, expressing that the universe and people are fundamentally linked. In every MBSJ annual meeting, participants are exposed to torrents of questions, approaches, and data, all of which relate to the rich profusion of basic life sciences. The impression of the meeting might be a “kaleidoscopic view” where individual reflections are eye-grabbing, but potentially confusing to scientists from different fields. However, it has been the unwavering mission of our society to strike creative sparks along the borders of distinct fields and methodologies, making unifying breakthroughs. Realizing such “Mandalas” is a vast undertaking, far beyond the scope of a single meeting; yet I hope that MBSJ2020 will continue pursuing that ultimate goal. In that spirit, we welcome you to bring new and/or revitalized perspectives to the 43rd annual meeting.

January 2020

Concept of meeting No.1

Riding the crest of excitement from the XXXII Tokyo Olympic games, the Molecular Biology Society of Japan will hold its 43rd Annual Meeting (MBSJ2020) in December, 2020. MBSJ2020 will provide a forum in which to meet new people, ask new questions or discover new ways of asking questions, and together reactivate basic research of life sciences. Our emphasis for MBSJ2020 is: “New Faces, New Questions, Revitalized Worlds”, and we particularly welcome MBSJ members who are doing innovative research, but who have not previously given a presentation. We equally encourage the participation of researchers from the vast proliferation of new fields and systems branching from molecular biology. The new questions that arise from such a diverse assembly are sure to revitalize fields that were previously overlooked or unchallenged. The highest priority will be on facilitating scientific discourse, with improved audio-visual systems, carefully organized symposia, workshops, and poster sessions. With the aim of attracting an international assembly of scientists, the scientific sessions of MBSJ2020 will be conducted entirely in English as the official language. We look forward to seeing you in Kobe, in December, 2020!

November 2019