The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan


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Challenge to resolve mysteries in the RNA-mediated regulation of gene expression
December 2 (Wed) 18:30-20:10
Channel: Ch 09
Organizer:  MAYEDA, Akila (Fujita Health University)
OHNO, Kinji (Nagoya University)

Various RNAs are involved in the regulation of gene expression, a fundamental mechanism of life. We invited young scientists who are challenging to elucidate the problems that still remains unsolved. It is not directly related to the medical applications, however, history reminds us such basic studies provide the rationale of pathology leading to the innovative therapies. We ask them to present their unpublished data, as in the frontiers of international conferences.

18:30-18:37 Introduction
Akila Mayeda
(Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science, Fujita Health University)
18:37-18:52 Closely related RNA helicases, UAP56 and URH49, form distinct TREX and AREX complexes that promote specific pre-mRNA splicing followed by selective mRNA export
Ken-ichi Fujita
(Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science, Fujita Health University)
18:52-19:07 Possible new splicing mechanism via intronic ARE
Yuki Matsuura
(Dept. of Biological sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
19:07-19:22 HSATIII lncRNAs dictate primate-specific response to thermal stress through the dual mechanisms of splicing control
Kensuke Ninomiya
(Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University)
19:22-19:37 The orchestration of transcription and coupled RNA processing
Takayuki Nojima
(Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford, U.K.)
19:37-19:52 The splicing mechanism that secures large exons encoding intrinsic disordered regions of transcription factors
Akio Masuda
(Center for Neurological Disease & Cancer, Nagoya Univ. Graduate School of Medicine)
19:52-20:07 Loss of the fragile X syndrome protein FMRP results in misregulation of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay
Tatsuaki Kurosaki
(Center for RNA Biology, University of Rochester, U.S.A.)
20:07-20:10 Conclusion
Kinji Ohno
(Center for Neurological Disease & Cancer, Nagoya Univ. Graduate School of Medicine)
Hands-on training by EMBO: "Manuscript Writing & Publishing Course"
December 3 (Thu) 18:30-20:00
Channel: Ch 06
Organizer:  TADA, Masako (Toho University)
SAITOH, Noriko (The Cancer Institute of JFCR)

Writing a compelling research paper is an important part of science and essential for a successful career in academia. Scientific research ‘counts’ when it is published - typically in the form of a peer reviewed research paper, but increasingly also in other ‘Open Science’ formats such as preprints. Quality control of research papers is important so that the research community and public can rely and build efficiently on the research findings. It is critical to understand rules and systems for journal publication, including the peer-review and editorial processes. In this forum, Dr. Bernd Pulverer, chief editor of The EMBO Journal and head of Scientific Publications at EMBO Press, will provide an overview including research integrity. Dr. Maria Polychronidou will then provide an instruction on how to write a good paper. The main target of this forum is postdoctoral fellows and graduate students who are at relatively early stages of scientific careers. However, more senior/established scientists are also welcomed, as they are teaching students, and also responsible for their own papers. This forum is a part of the satellite symposium, International Symposium for Female Researchers in Chromatin Biology (ISFRCB2020).

18:30-19:10 Transparent Publishing & Open Science: how to share reproducible data
Bernd Pulverer (chief editor of The EMBO Journal and head of Scientific Publications at EMBO Press)
19:10-20:00 Writing a Scientific Research Paper
Maria Polychronidou (senior editor at Mol Sys Biol and manager of EMBO editorial training activities)